e-Mobility Fair: Austria´s largest e-Mobility exhibition




E-Mobility and alternative energy catches the spirit of the age. Because of that, the program of the e-Mobility exhibition, which is presented by "Lebensland Kärnten", increases from year to year.

The halls of the e-Mobility fair are a special attraction for visitors every year. The fourth exhibition set a new record with 50.000 visitors within 3 days. As in the previous year, visitors were surveyed on their main interests. The evaluation revealed, that 75,8 % of the visitors stated "e-mobility, cars & motorcycles" as the most favorite topic at the e-Mobility Fair 2013.

The program of the e-Mobility Fair 2013  provided many "green" and "mobile" surprises.


e-Mobility Fair 2013: the dynamic e-mobility exhibition


Austria's largest annual e-Mobility exhibition welcomed visitors for the fourth time from April 5 to 7 in hall 2A and hall 2B on Klagenfurt's fair ground.

Following the motto "experiencing e-mobility" alternative mobility and energy concepts as well as the latest e-technolgies were presented.

The program was completed with a continuous stage performance, which  provided comprehensive information and news about the initiative "Lebensland Kärnten".

A special highlight was the indoor and outdoor test track, on which the visitors could drive themselves e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cars by themselves and thus enjoy the feeling of the e-mobility. Moreover "Treffpunkt Kärnten" went live on the "Lebensland Kärnten" stage on Saturday. In line with this program, a "Lebensland Kärnten" competition was held. The best team won a "Lebensland Kärnten" e-scooter, which was given to the institution "SOS Kinderdorf Moosburg".

Thanks to a large number of exhibitors who presented a wide range of innovative products with the latest technology, all visitors were able to get an idea about e-Mobility and green energy.

The "Lebensland Kärnten" team was looking forward to meeting many interested visitors at the most quiet and most environmental-friendly e-Mobility Fair!

Photos of the e-Mobility Fair 2013

Photographer: Dieter Kulmer