The trend toward electric vehicles on Austria's streets is palpable. In particular, the interest in e-bicycles (e-bikes and electric scooters) has risen sharply in recent years. However, this new type of locomotion and risks. Thus, the different dynamics of a two-wheel E from that of an ordinary bicycle or motorized two-wheeler (scooter, motor scooter). As part of SEEKING - E-SAFE BIKING Therefore, special security issues for e-Bikes examined, and the resultant necessary preventive measures to improve road safety.

Because of increased acceleration capability for e-bicycles can occur when using them jerk species movements, balance problems, overestimation of one's own speed, and conflict with other road users. Therefore, the changes in the dynamics and the impact on bicycle and moped riders will be examined scientifically. Furthermore, analyzing the potential for conflict of e-bike users to other road users. From preventive measures to ensure safe use of e-motorcycles are derived.

The project SEEKING was awarded the prestigious "National Award Mobility 2011" by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT). "Living Kärnten" is next to the University of Agricultural Sciences, the Committee for Traffic Safety and the company current bike consortium of the project, the is carried out under the supervision of the AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology).

The initiative "Living Kärnten" is an expert when it comes to electric vehicles valued partner in projects at home and abroad. The National Award mobility BMVIT confirms the work of the "Living Kärnten", which is consistent with its know-how in the future to one side.



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