CO2FREE (Cooperating 2 Foster Renewables and Energy Efficiency)

CO2FREE (Cooperating 2 Foster Renewables and Energy Efficiency)

Headed by Dr. Albert Kreiner, Section 7 of the Carinthia government (Commercial Law & Infrastructure) has initiated, supported, and directed many projects that deal with the utilization of renewable energy in public traffic and mobility. As of today, a number of such new mobility concepts have become very advanced -- all-but-ready to be put into practice. The Section 7 team has been working tirelessly for Carinthia to reach Kyoto standards, to craft new agreements regarding transportation corridors, to strengthen our region's exports, and to create new jobs.

While others are talking about it, Carinthia is already living eMobility in all its facets. A comprehensive network of electric charging points is currently being built thanks to a public-private initiative. The Carinthia government would like to share its experiences and knowledge with other European regions, thereby boosting the status of both Carinthia's interreg ivceconomy and its political sphere.

With this aim in mind, Section 7 of the Carinthia government has joined the EU-wide CO2FREE project, which stands for "Cooperating 2 Foster Renewables and Energy Efficiency." Consisting of a group of partners from various European regions, this project, who is funded by INTERREG IVC Programme and ERDF, has started at 1st of October 2010.

european regional dev fundThe project's declared goal is to create the conditions for the rapid integration of renewable energy practices through the organized sharing and exchange of experiences and know-how among participating European regions.


CO2FREE Closing Conference:

"Opportunities in the Green Economy"

Under the title "Opportunities in the Green Economy", CO2FREE (Cooperating 2 Foster Renewables and Energy Efficiency), an INTERREG IVC co-funded project where "Lebensland Kärnten" is the partner, is celebrating its closing conference on 12th September 2012 in Donegal (Ireland).

The conference will serve to show results achieved within the project in which 10 different regions coming from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria and Finland has shared Good Practices in the following areas: renewable energy, Green ICT, ICT for energy efficiency and sustainable transports.

"Lebensland Kärnten" will be represented by Mr. Gerald Miklin, "Lebensland Kärnten" Project Manager, Mr. Dražen Rosić, Carinthia's CO2Free project coordinator and Mr. Marco Lins, responsible for CEMBIL Project within "Lebensland Kärnten"- Team.

The conference programme is available here.