Frequently asked questions

In these pages, we try our best to provide comprehensive answers to the questions and concerns that Carinthians have brought to us most frequently. Our knowledge base is organized along several categories, which should be self-explanatory. It is fully searchable via our website's search function.

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Where can I find electric charging points?

Carinthia already provides a comprehensive network of electric charging points.

Where will the electricity come from? Will we be using nuclear power?

We all know that electricity doesn't just magically appear out of our wall outlets. Fortunately, in Austria we are able to supply a large percentage of our total electricity needs from renewable energy sources, such as wind, sunlight, and especially water.

Who is behind the "Lebensland Kärnten" project?

"Lebensland Kärnten" is a project housed at the Carinthia State Government's Competence Center 7 (Commercial Law & Infrastructure).

Why don't e-Cars have roof-mounted solar panels?

Assuming optimal positioning (30° tilt angle to the sun), one square meter of solar cells typically has a 100 W peak output