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How will e-Mobility change our lives?

No noise, no emissions, and lots of fun: welcome to the future of e-Mobility!

Driving an e-Car, or riding an e-Scooter or e-Bike will transform our attitude toward modern mobility needs, as well as our awareness of environmental concerns. With regard to our driving behavior, the issue of operating range will initially be a constant concern: will 80 km (e-Scooters) or 200 km (e-Cars) suffice? However, this concern will gradually disappear once we understand these values to mark the e-Vehicle's daily range. In other words, 80 to 200 km are actually quite impressive assuming that we will be leaving our homes with fully charged batteries every morning. What's more, we will form the habit of charging our batteries whenever our e-Vehicles are parked anyway: during work hours, while recreating at the lake, or while shopping. We will learn to appreciate our total independence from the network of conventional gas stations -- especially in more rural regions.

After a brief settling in period, our mobility experience will change significantly thanks to attractive e-Mobility options. We will become more conscious motorists, driving more calmly and more relaxed. E-Cars are fun; they silently glide along the road. In the absence of noise and harmful emissions, we will be able to experience our environment more directly.

  • Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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