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Where will the electricity come from? Will we be using nuclear power?

We all know that electricity doesn't just magically appear out of our wall outlets. Fortunately, in Austria we are able to supply a large percentage of our total electricity needs from renewable energy sources, such as wind, sunlight, and especially water.

If, starting tomorrow, every single Austrian (!) started to drive an e-Car, domestic electricity production would have to be increased merely by 10%. Of course, this scenario is extremely unlikely. In fact, we expect the increase in electricity consumption to be about 1 or 2%. It will not be too difficult to supply this amount through renewables exclusively. We certainly won't have to build nuclear power plants in the future!

e-Mobility aside, the annual increase in Austria's energy consumption currently amounts to 2 to 5%.

To create a positive energy balance for Carinthia, a new photovoltaics plant is being built specifically for the "Lebensland Kärnten" project. That facility is designed to supply enough "green" electricity for at least 450 e-Cars.

  • Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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