What we do

aufgaben umweltschutzEnvironmental protection & efficiency

By supporting numerous projects, "Lebensland Kärnten" takes the initiative to bring Carinthia into a "green" future.

aufgaben altenergie

Alternative energy production

Solar, wind, water, biomass etc.

aufgaben elektromobil


The first functioning e-Cars were built over 125 years ago. Today, near-silent and emission-free electric vehicles are making a comeback. Many types of eVehicles are currently available, such as e-Cars, e-Transporters, e-Scooters, e-Motorbikes, e-Bikes, e-Fun vehicles, and e-Boats.

aufgaben alternmobil

Alternative mobility

Innovative initiatives in Austria and abroad

aufgaben wissen

Knowledge transfer & research

Synergy effects are being sought through encounters and exchanges with academic institutions.