Harnessing the power of water

Utilizing hydropower at various levels and scales has had a long tradition in Austria. Both large-scale and small-scale facilities are operating in all parts of the country today. With the exception of a few locations, which haven't been fully developed for one reason or another, Austria's capacity for employing large-scale hydropower has been maxed out. In the future, what remains to be exploited is the potential of small-scale hydropower (i.e., facilities up to a 10 MW power rating), as well as the plant revitalization sector.

All technologies currently used in the hydropower industry are proven and mature. However, there is still room for improvement in the fields of remote monitoring technologies, control engineering, and process control. Virtually all suitable locations for hydropower plants have already been developed in the past. What's more, due to complicated legal requirements the few remaining sites are becoming less and less attractive for developers. Consequently, our focus lies on researching existing facilities' potential for expansion.