Wind power

In wind power plants, the kinetic energy of wind is transformed into electricity.
If the Windpark Petzen facility had been implemented, it would have generated enough power to supply about 13,000 households or 40,000 people with "green" energy.

Wind energy

"Lebensland Kärnten" endorses wind energy


Today, Carinthia is already a model region with regard to e-Mobility, photovoltaics, and hydro power. However, few people are aware that Carinthian businesses also make and export wind turbines. With a sensibility for protecting our beautiful local scenery, we are in the process of introducing this important "green" technology to the public.

By implementing wind power plants in Carinthia, it is possible to raise the regional added value and the number of persons employed in this industry. Wind energy contributes to energy and climate objectives in Carinthia and should be part of a renewable energy mix. The administrative order of the provincial government concerning locations for wind power plants as a subject area program in September 2012, contains planning criteria to implement possible wind farms (locations with up to three wind turbines).

While it is possible to reach a high number of persons employed and to raise the regional added value with implementing wind power plants, it also provides enormous potential for local companies. Carinthia is acting actively and foresightfully with this regulation in administrative order to make a contribution to renewable energy.

Carinthia is a trailblazer in the energy turnaround with a rate of 47% in renewable energy, however our aim is to become 100% energy self-sufficient as quick as possible.

The administrative order of the provincial government administers the definition of wind power plants, locations of wind power plants, conditions for this locations and limits of visibility. After three years the administrative order will be evaluated and if necessary adapted. After four years the administrative order looses it´s validity and has to be concluded again. Moreover, all wind power plants have a term of expiration. The request authorization ends after 25 years and have to be negotiated again.