Innovative bus system for Klagenfurt

am Wednesday, 07 March 2012. in Public transport systems

On February 14 2012, the city of Klagenfurt introduced an innovative, environmentally friendly bus system. Since then, the new transport system has helped lower fine particulate matter pollution levels, has reduced the city's traffic volume, and has brought a novel transport experience to the people of Klagenfurt. With the introduction of an optimized route design and separate schedules for daytime and nighttime traffic, Klagenfurt's municipal works (STW) have set new standards in public transport.

Thanks to a number of smart modifications in route design, bus travelers are no longer forced to pass through the Heiligengeistplatz connection hub. In addition, a reorganization of the city's park & ride facilities is in the works. In the future, park & ride locations will be fully integrated within the STW network, thus eliminating the need for designated buses. Park & ride customers will only have to pay the bus fare -- parking will continue to be free.

Another improvement in the STW network is the new schedule: since February 14, all buses have been running in 30-minute intervals. During the busy weekday morning hours (6:30 - 8:30), they even run every 15 minutes. As many sections are served by more than one line, approaching the city center bus intervals get shorter and shorter. At nighttime and on weekends, buses run once per hour. On Friday and Saturday nights, they run as late as 1 a.m. Thanks to the new and improved STW network, Klagenfurt now features direct and environmentally friendly east-west and north-south bus connections.

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