The first functioning e-Cars were built over 125 years ago. Today, near-silent and emission-free electric vehicles are making a comeback. Many types of e-Vehicles are currently available, such as e-Cars, e-Transporters, e-Scooters, e-Motorbikes, e-Bikes, e-Fun vehicles, and e-Boats.


"Lebensland Kärnten" e-Scooters

e-Scooters are a battery-powered, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional motor scooters.

Like all scooters with a red license plate, e-Scooters are subject to the legal speed limit of 45 km/h (KFG 1967).

All e-Scooter models in this category are equipped with an electronic lock that keeps the vehicle from exceeding that limit.

Of course, there are also many e-Scooters that reach top speeds of 70, 80, or 100 km/h. These e-Scooters must be registered in the "Kleinmotorrad" category (KFG 1967).In addition, electric motorbikes are also available today: they are rated for top speeds of up to 240 km/h!

In short, e-Scooters are trendy. They are emission-free and near silent, and their motors hardly require any maintenance. This makes them ideal vehicles for environmentally conscious people of all ages.