Carinthia as research location

Carinthia: home of research & development

Many international businesses are well aware of the locational advantages to be gained in Austria's southernmost province. With regard to the overall research quota, Carinthia already ranks third in the country. A recent study conducted by the renowned Swiss BAK institute confirms Carinthia's good standing, giving high marks to our province in the categories of competing power, productivity, and education. What's more, Carinthia's geographical proximity to Italy, Slovenia, and other European countries helps create numerous future synergies.

As a research region, Carinthia offers more than locational and competitive advantages: our province is also the home of several high-tech companies, such as Infineon (the global leader in semiconductor production), Flextronics, and the Competence Center for Automotive and Industrial Electronics (KAI). All of them are innovative and high-powered research partners for "Lebensland Kärnten." Carinthia's academic institutions - the Alpe-Adria-University and the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) - further add to our region's research and development appeal. "Lebensland Kärnten" is currently involved in efforts to help forge even stronger links among the fields of education, research, and innovation. In order to better prepare them for a world undergoing technological transformations, young Carinthians will soon be receiving a more targeted and extensive education in science, technology, and related fields.

Carinthia is pursuing the ambitious goal of becoming the premier region for research in e-Mobility and renewable energy production - worldwide. Through the creation of facilities like the Institute for Technology and Alternative Mobility (IAM), Carinthia has laid the foundation for further developments. Our province offers a "permanent test bed" for innovative businesses, and it boasts an extraordinary professional network in the fields of alternative mobility and energy. Today, "Lebensland Kärnten" is already at the forefront of major developments in these areas.

Every day, Carinthia proves anew its research leadership within the Alpe-Adria region. Thanks to numerous incentive programs, Carinthia continues to attract new, high-powered partners. In collaboration with such partners, "Lebensland Kärnten" has developed many exciting, future-oriented concepts that include a strong science and research component. Thus, the pooled innovative power of several partners can be channeled directly into products and services. In addition to e-Mobility and alternative energy production, we have also been emphasizing the fields of information and communications technologies. In those areas, too, Carinthia is ready to take on a global leadership role.